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In today's hectic and social environment you can add a further level of convenience and security for your family and home with the latest gate automation developments.

Consider the security of your home when all the family are out - access to your property is restricted by automated gates, controlled and locked by you or your family. Without automation we all know gates will invariably be left open, especially in bad weather. Think of the convenience and security of arriving home in the wind and rain, when your gates open at the touch of a button, allowing access without having to leave the comfort and safety of your vehicle or your house. Park your vehicle on the drive safe in the knowledge your vehicle is secure from thieves day and night as access to the road is restricted by an automatic gate system.

With Orchard Workshops intercom systems you can vet callers before they knock on your front door, with both video and audio intercoms available. You can activate the automated gates from inside your house.

Orchard Workshops can fit automation to existing gates and entrances or manufacture bespoke custom designed gates to your own specifications. With a variation of automation systems available - from sliding to swinging gates, underground to over ground systems, Orchard Workshops can find an automation system and gate design to suit your requirements.

Service and repairs to your existing gate automation system

Electric Gate Service and Repairs, Doncaster.

With Over 20 years experience in the industry Orchard Workshops Provide a repair service for most gate automation manufactures. It does not matter if your automation system is twenty years or twenty months old Orchard Workshops will provide you with an honest repair or replacement solution. Orchard Workshops has built up a vast network of suppliers and is able to get most replacement parts the next working day.

Don’t be stuck with old technology.
Update Your Transmitters, Intercoms, Keypads, Safety/Exit loops, Photo cells, Etc. 

Does your Automation system need a service?
To prolong the life of your automation system it is advisable to service it every 12 months.


Poor maintenance

Orchard Workshops offer a full health check and maintenance service for your existing automation system. 

Don’t be locked out due to poor maintenance


Annual service agreements are available on request.

Poor maintenance


Gate Intercom Systems

Intercom Security KeypadDo you want to speak to visitors before you let them in? Do you want to see them? What happens if you are on holiday – do you want your intercom to phone your mobile when you are not there? All these options are possible depending on the intercom system you choose.

A wide range of audio and video intercom systems are available including ornate brass units and anti-vandal stainless steel, allowing you to hear and see your visitors, with activation of the gates from the security of the house.

Vetting visitors for access couldn't be easier with GSM Intercom systems, each call button has the facility to call 2 telephone numbers (If the first is busy or not answered then the call will divert to the second). Additional features include dial in to open allowing callers whose telephone number has been stored to dial the intercom and release the gate without incurring a charge, visitors are able to communicate with you using your existing telephone.

Digital entry pads allow coded access for family members or regular entrants these can also be programmed to your individual number.

Intercoms make your property boundaries ultra secure, meaning you can relax in the knowledge you are safe in your home and your home is also safe and secure when you are away.

Swinging or Sliding Gate Automation?

Although most gates that people see, be they manual or electric, are swing gates, these are not the only option available to home users for a gate automation project.

Swing Gates

Where a swing system is used, the entrance comprises of two gate leaves with automation and control equipment that generally opens into the property but that can also can be set up to open away from the property.

Sliding Gates

Where frontage space is tight or at a premium, and a swing gate system would eliminate space for cars to park or manoeuvre, people install a sliding gate system. A sliding gate system is also the preferred option where the road at the entrance to the property is on a notable incline which would restrict the opening of swing gates. Sliding gates spans the entrance to the property but slides across the entrance, either to the left or the right or, in the case of a bi-sliding gate, where each of the two gate leaves slide to each side of the entrance. Automatic sliding gates with automation and control equipment maximise the usable space available at the front of a property and can solve the problem on driveways with notable inclines.


Industrial, Commercial and Business Automated Gate Access

Automated Security BarrierAs well as residential properties Orchard Workshops cater for business automated security systems, whether on a standalone warehouse unit or a company car park. Orchard Workshops can provide and install either automated gates or automated security barriers and automatic rising bollards, making your business premises secure.

Installing an automated barrier or underground bollards with an intercom system linking to the main security office in your building will let you vet access via video and audio confirmation. Alternatively give staff their own entry key fob to give remote access.



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